Coffee Beans From Timor-Leste Arrived In Shanghai

Bei Lei CEO of Timor (Shanghai) International Trade

DILI: An international cargo ship recently loaded coffee beans in a 20-foot container landed at Shanghai’s Yangshan Port in China.

“Recently, an international cargo ship arrived at China’s Shanghai Yangshan Port. Timor-Leste’s coffee bean commodity exported to China has arrived; this marks a good start for Timor-Leste’s coffee exports to China in the new season this year.”

“We are confident in selling Timor-Leste coffee beans to the Chinese consumer market. We will use advanced processes to remove the characteristics of Timor-Leste coffee beans fully. To allow Chinese people to enjoy the delicious taste of Timor-Leste coffee,” quoted Bei Lei, CEO of Timor (Shanghai) International Trade Co., Ltd., on Thursday (04/07).

According to Bei Lei, the recent presence of coffee containers marks a good start for Timor-Leste’s coffee exports to China in the new coffee season this year.

Beilei said they promote the export of Timor-Leste’s coffee trade to China.

“We will open a new Timor-Leste coffee shop with the theme of Timor-Leste coffee beans in the most famous commercial space in China, which will open advertising windows and must be Timor-Leste’s coffee in China.” Declared Bei Law.

This batch of Timor-Leste beans will be sent to China’s most advanced professional coffee bean warehouse with constant temperature and humidity for storage in China’s comprehensive Free Trade Zone.

That way, Chinese coffee buyers can directly see and buy coffee beans, which is very convenient. “This has created excellent news for Timor-Leste to explore the Chinese market,” he added.


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