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Wang Yi Talks with Representatives of the Australian Business Community, Strategic Communities, and Other Fields

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Foreign Minister Wang Yi and members of the CPC Central Committee’s Political Bureau met in Canberra on March 20, 2024, local time, to address various issues with prominent figures from the business and strategic communities in Australia as well as other sectors.

Wang Yi conveyed gratitude to Australians from all walks of life for their sustained support of the idea of friendship with China and their persistent efforts to advance productive collaboration between China and Australia.

According to Wang Yi, the forces of peace in the world are strengthened by China’s prosperity. China, the second-largest donor to the UN membership fee and a permanent member of the UN Security Council, has always focused its efforts on attaining peace, actively advancing peace negotiations, and positively impacting regional and global peace and stability. Global stability is improved by China’s progress.

China has consistently supported and acted upon multilateralism, fought for increased democracy in international affairs, denounced bullying and unilateralism, and actively pushed to improve the fairness and equality of the global order. As China develops, new prospects for development arise.

China will continue to foster an environment for business that is based on market principles, governed by law, and up to international standards. It will also actively participate in international cooperation on climate change response and continue to offer the world new opportunities through its new development. All of these actions are part of China’s mutually beneficial opening up strategy.

According to the Australian participants, China and Australia are significant cooperation partners, with the two nations’ shared interests greatly outweighing their disagreements. The Australian business and strategic communities, along with other sectors of the Australian economy, welcome the improvement of Australia-China relations and support China and Australia in expanding their dialogue and cooperation in the areas of economy and trade, finance, education, health, scientific research, law, and other areas; they also support Australia and China in appropriately managing differences; actively seeking out new avenues for collaboration in the areas of green development, scientific and technological innovation, and other areas; and working together to jointly address climate change and other global challenges in order to support the ongoing development of Australia-China relations and boost global confidence.

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